july 2019

broadway junction branding

With the current gentrification wave expanding through the new york city boroughs, it is only a matter of time until the far reaches of the city will become the new frontiers for inexpensive housing, relocation of artists, and youth relocation (seen already in such places such as bushwick and e. williamsburg).

This speculative project proposed where the next “bushwick” might be, and how a branding scheme and inspiring campaign might form via the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

The area surrounding Broadway Junction station was chosen, as it combines the proper transit hubs, was far enough from the current gentrification reach, and was nearly barren in terms of housing and essential businesses. The region is also situated at the edges of many other Brooklyn neighborhoods, making it essentially a grey zone with less sense of community and history.

The branding aesthetic drew inspiration from the station itself; both the footprint of the structure (for a typeface and graphic iconography) and the colors of the train lines that converge there. 


done in collaboration with leo spinos and corinne boroff

iconography by corinne boroff

final branding implemented an asterisk* system in the shape of the station’s railway intersection, with vague buzzwords and disingenuous & appropriative language used to inspire communal camaraderie, envision fauxversity, and free new residents of gentrification-guilt and privilege.

published aug. 2019