fall 2018

Project focused on color; initial inspiration was gathered from observational drawings done at the British Museum. These drawings were then contrasted with inspiration from a modern museum (in my case the Serpentine Galleries).

Initially was inspired by caution vests worn by museum security and small children in school groups, which oddly reflected the gilet jaune protests also happening during this time in Paris. I chose to use visual distortion to connect concepts that weren’t necessarily supposed to be juxtaposed, like the childrens’ vests and the protests. I also attempted to accomplish this effect by referencing colors or elements from various museum artifacts and works, but morphing them and distorting them through a digital lens. Additional supportive inspiration was taken from distorted glitch imagery found in reflections on the London metro windows, and from the work “Uumwelt” by Pierre Huyghe at the Serpentine.

The final looks were digitally draped in clo3d, and rendered with inspired materials not found in traditional fashion.

Featured during London Fashion Week AW19 in “Sensergy”